Friday, January 28, 2011

Get Paid To Watch Short Ads


This one is pretty new, I just started doing it myself. It's actually still in public Beta Testing but you can already earn money and get ahead of the crowed. The way this works is you log in each day and watch the short ads available to you for points that are redeemed for cash. As this site gets more popular the ads you watch will be worth more. This is one easy task you can do each day to earn extra cash from home.

Sign Up for Varolo

If you want to be an advertiser on this site you can follow the same link above and take the advertiser tour. Here is a promo code I was given for advertisers, it is worth 250 free ad credits : 4d4ec981917d1

If the above code is no longer working post a comment and let me know as each code will only work once but I can generate many more as needed!

They even have a service that allows you to create your own ad for $5.

So like I said before this one is new so I don't know how this will turn out after the public Beta testing, but for only a few minutes a day I think it's worth a shot.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Just a brief introduction and some free stuff.

I'll keep this short so we can just get to the good stuff. I'm a stay at home mother with an amazing little boy. Being home means I can't work a traditional job but, that doesn't mean I can't make some money while I’m here. I've spent countless hours combing through forums and blogs to come up with the multitude of sites I now use to make AND save money. But finally I have reached a point that I can pay my bills and tuition for school with just some clicks of a mouse all while sitting at home with my son. I would like to save you hours of research and wasted time by now sharing with you what I have found to work.


To start I'll give you a link to my favorite survey site, Opinion Outpost. This site has a minimum pay out of $5, checks don't usually take longer than a week or two to land in your mailbox. They send out multiple surveys per day all, usually, worth at least $1. On average these surveys pay $1 for every 10 minutes it should take you to finish them. I made over $300 with this site alone last year.
So here you go....
Click here to join Opinion Outpost and start cashing out today!


I have never had more fun filling out surveys than with this site, they have a very unique design. Although this site doesn't send out surveys daily, on average you will receive $2.50 per survey you complete and they are never too long to bare.

And Now Moving On.....
Those are my two all time favorites but there will be many more to come. Now for some free stuff!
For all you moms out there this one's for you!

5 Free Huggies: Enjoy the Ride Reward Points


Free Pyrex Potholder! Hurry This one probably wont last long!

Free one night DVD Movie Rental at Redbox Kiosk !!

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and here's another one : N6TRWTV

More money making opportunities and free stuff to come!