Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Young Living Essential Oils are Changing My Families Life!

So I recently got started with using Young Living Essential Oils and the changes in my families health have been drastic already! 

I have been suffering from chronic sinus infections since I was 13 years old, they have been more persistent at times than others. Recently they have been coming on like a storm, I contribute this to having to take antibiotics while I was pregnant with my daughter. It actually got to the point that I was having constant dizzy spells, ringing in my ears, nausea, vision problems and pain in my eyes from my sinuses pushing into them from behind. The symptoms didn't stop there, it took me MONTHS to realize this was all from my sinuses. I honestly thought there was something seriously wrong with me and really, I felt like I was dying!

I started using Young Living Essential oils in hopes that they would give me some relief. In the first month of having them, I had a sinus infection start up THREE times. I added a drop of lavender oil to my sinus rinse bottle, and drank a sort of tea with 1 drop of thieves and 3 drops of lemon oil with a dab of local honey. For the headaches I put one drop of peppermint on my thumb and hold it to the roof of my mouth for a minute or two. POOF! Headache gone in less than 5 minutes, I still am shocked at how effective it is.

Within 2 days of the first time I tried them for this I was feeling better (I had a sinus infection already when my starter kit arrived). The second and third time I started as soon as I felt the post nasal drip coming on and by the end of the day the pain was gone. 

I'm in love with Young Living Essential Oils. 

This is the most dramatic change for me but, I've also used them for my family. 

 My 1 year old daughter had a staph infection that kept coming back again and again since October, the antibiotic ointment stopped working. I did a search online and found actually clinical studies showing that lavender essential oil is effective in fighting drug resistant staph and MRSA. I added a couple drops to a jar of coconut oil and used it at every diaper change. In two days the terrible pits opening up in her legs were healed and gone.

We've used them for eczema, pain for my husband after surgery, helping the kids get to bed easier, when my son gets scratched by the cats, and I'm about to make a cream to try out on my pregnancy stretch marks (I will take pictures!). I'm so grateful that I found these and decided to try them, I can only imagine what else they will do for my family and I moving forward.

Why Young Living?
Almost every bottle of essential oil on the market claims to be “Pure Essential Oil”, but that claim can legally be made if there is as little at just 5% of the actual essential oil from the plant in the bottle. There is also no regulation for how an essential oil is to be extracted. Companies are free to use high-heat, high-pressure, and chemical-solvents to extract more from the plants, and still slap whatever label they want to on the oil. In fact, the majority of essential oil companies buy their oils from an oil broker. The company isn’t actually involved in the process of cultivating the plants or extracting the oils at all. 

Young Living was the only company (probably because they were the pioneers in the therapeutic essential oils market) that has their own farms, can absolutely guarantee that no pesticides or herbicides were used in the growing of any of their oils (they use essential oils for pest control and they do all of the weeding by hand), has their own testing equipment (they do both in-house and 3rd party testing), and only uses the first distillation of oils instead of adding chemicals to get more out of the plant.

I have a special deal just for my blog readers right now!

If you get a premium Young Living starter kit (which is, on its own, a really great deal at $150)…

…then I will also mail you a super helpful Essential Oils Reference Guide (you can look up almost anything in it and see which oils have been used to help with that problem), AND a set of essential oil labels to keep your oils organized!!

If you are ready to buy a starter kit, then be sure to sign up as a wholesale member (with one of the premium starter kits) through the instructions below to get your freebies!

1.  Head over to the Young Living page here and fill out your information.

2.  Be sure the "Wholesale Member" option is checked so that you don't end up paying retail prices.

3. Be sure the "sponsor ID" and "enroller id" say 2241075

4. If you do not feel comfortable putting in your social security number (this is only for tax purposes if you decide to turn this into a business) then you can get an EIN from the IRS in just a few seconds here and use that number instead (the IRS just needs to be able to connect some number with you for tax purposes).   They need a Social Security Number or an EIN because if you make $600 or more per year selling Young Living products, you will receive a 1099 form in the mail (which is required by law). Young Living will never share this info with anyone.

5. Select which starter kit you want to get. To get the freebies, you'll need to check the box next to the Premium Starter Kit.  You can get the kit that's $150 or you can get the kit that's $160 with the Bamboo Diffuser (in my opinion, the Bamboo Diffuser looks nicer, but doesn't put out as much as the diffuser that comes with the $150 kit).

6. I'd recommend skipping the Step 3 (Optional) part of the sign-up process. You'll get an email with more details on that part of things after you sign up (if you're going to be purchasing products monthly then it's a great program that will give you credit back with each order and save you on shipping costs).

7. Go through the checkout process.

8.  Be sure to send an email to smewoo@gmail.com to let me know that you signed up through this promotion so that I can send you your freebies!

BONUS Step 8 (COMPLETELY Optional!)  If you would like to earn bonus oils this month, then you need to get your order total up to 190 PV (different products have different point values).  If you get the $150 Start Living With Everyday Oils kit then you'll automatically have 100 point value... then you'll just need 90 more points to get the bonus oils.  For example, you could grab an extra bottle of Thieves Oil at 33.75 points, 15 ml bottle of Lavender at 23.5 points, 15 ml bottle of Lime at 11 points, and the 14.4 ounces of Thieves Household Cleaner at 22 points (just pour one capful of the concentrated Thieves cleaning solution into a spray bottle and it lasts for a really long time!) All of those items will bring your total points up to $190.25 which will qualify you to get the BONUS oils!  (This step is completely optional!)

{Scroll down for several frequently asked questions!}

*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information on this site is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please confirm any information obtained from or through this web site with other sources, and review all information regarding any medical condition or treatment with your physician. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking medical treatment because of something you have read on this website.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does signing up make me a "distributor"?

Nope! You are not required to sell anything at all to anyone. When you become a wholesale member, you get a special link that you can share with friends and get credit from their purchases, but there are no minimum sales amounts at all. In fact, 90% of the wholesale members in Young Living don't do the business side at all. They are buying from Young Living because of the quality alone.

Am I required to make a minimum purchase each month?

There are absolutely no minimum monthly purchase requirements. To remain a wholesale member, you have to make $50 worth of purchases per year to keep your membership. But if there's a year that you don't make a $50 purchase, you can reinstate your wholesale membership discount by just placing a $50 order.

If you do find yourself making regular purchases each month, then Young Living has a rewards program called Essential Rewards where you can make a nice percentage back in product credit each month on all of your purchases. So that's a neat program to join if you find that you *want* to purchase regularly, but it's not a requirement for being a wholesale member.

Why should I buy from Young Living instead of other essential oils companies?

It does seem like a new essential oils company pops up every day, doesn't it?

I can't speak to the quality of other companies, but I can say that Young Living was the only company in my research of essential oil companies that could answer all of my questions about purity in a way that was satisfactory to me.

Young Living is the only company that has their own farms (in the regions where the plants should be grown), could absolutely guarantee that no pesticides or herbicides were used in the growing of any of their oils (they use essential oils for pest control and they do all of the weeding by hand), has their own testing equipment (they do both in-house and 3rd party testing, and use many different testing methods not just GC/MS which only tests for certain chemicals, not whether those chemicals are synthetic or not), and only uses the first distillation of oils instead of adding chemicals to get more out of the plant.

Young Living also was the only company that was directly in charge of essential oil farming operations. Every other company I researched goes through some kind of an “oil broker” to buy their oils. They have to trust that the oil broker is telling the truth, who has to trust that the essential oil distilleries are telling the truth, who have to trust that the farmers are telling the truth about what they say they are doing.

With Young Living, you just have to trust one company instead of several.
It’s a trust step either way since anyone could be lying, but I felt the most comfortable trusting Young Living since they are a full-disclosure company. Anyone can visit the farms, participate in the harvesting and distillation, view the Young Living labs, and see the entire process. That's not an option with other companies.

How will I know which oils to use for what?

One of the benefits of getting a starter kit through this promotion is that you also get to join our private Facebook group that's specifically for questions about essential oils!

The reference guide that we are giving away as part of this promotion is also a HUGE resource. You can look up almost anything in it and see which essential oils and supplements can be helpful.

Does Young Living only sell essential oils?

Young Living actually has an entire line of personal care products, supplements, meal replacements, energy drinks, and more! Almost every product incorporates essential oils (for example, frankincense is absolutely wonderful in facial products), but there's a wide variety of products available.

Sunday, April 27, 2014


So, this is a new site that I just learned about. It reminds me of Yahoo Answers, rather than earning points though for answering questions you earn money.

People who need questions answered sign up and set a reward price, it looks like the lowest reward is $2. I'm not sure what the maximum reward is but I recently answered a question with a $16 reward, that's pretty good. It hasn't taken me longer than 5 minutes to give detailed responses to any of the questions I've answered so far.

After you answer the question the asker is sent an email notifying them that they have received an answer. In order to view their answers they must pay their reward amount. After they have reviewed their answers they pick a winner and they will receive the reward.

This site seems pretty new and I have seen reports of people actually getting paid. (minimum payout is $5) So I would jump on this one quick to get a jump start on this while there aren't too many people in the know yet. Your chances of winning a reward are pretty high at this point.

To sign up go here and you can either connect with facebook or sign up via email.

Sign up to answer questions and earn rewards with Rewarder.

Friday, March 21, 2014


Once again Zulily is doing their awesome sale on ergobaby carriers!!! I love my ergobaby Carrier, I honestly don't know what I would do without it. Currently they have four different kinds for sale, I love the purple one. I have links and pictures to each below. Get one now for as little as $84.99, that is an awesome deal. Hurry sale ends in 2 days and 19 hours and these usually sell out pretty quickly!

Brown Umbra Designer Collection Baby Carrier $84.99

Usually $145 selling for $84.99

Mystic Purple Original Carrier on sale for $89.99

$25 taken off when added to cart plus FREE SHIPPING

Camel Original Carrier $89.99

$25 taken off when added to cart plus FREE SHIPPING

Black & Camel Original Carrier $89.99

$25 taken off when added to cart plus FREE SHIPPING

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I love Ebates!!!

Money saving tip: Use Ebates

Have you heard of Ebates? It's a website that lets you earn cash back from your online purchases for FREE. If you shops online you need to sign up for this.

Ebates is so awesome they pay YOU to shop.
You go to their site, sign up, find your favorite retailer and shop. Ebates takes you to the site, say Old Navy.com, that you were going to visit anyway. Except when you are done? You will have a percentage in cash back waiting in your Ebates account.
They cut you a big fat check quarterly and stick it in the mail.
I have gotten as high as TWENTY PERCENT in cash back from purchases I was going to make anyway. There are more than one THOUSAND retailers and online merchants. And coupon codes! We all LOVE coupon codes!
For example, currently JC Pennys is offering 8% cash back, pair that with sales and coupon codes and the savings are amazing!

How does it work?
First you need to sign up for an Ebates account. After that, once you are all set up the next time you make an online purchase go to Ebates FIRST, then type the name of the store you want to shop at (e.g. Target, forever 21, bath and body works). Then you will be able to click on the store and it will create a tracker to see if you made a purchase. Then go ahead and make your purchases. Shortly after you should get an email from Ebates saying how much cash back you received.

Why I love it:
Not only does this give you cash back for your purchases but when you search for a store, it shows you all the available promo codes so you save even more money.

Here is a screen shot of my account.

Sign up with Ebates

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ergobaby Carriers On Super Sale Again! Sale Ends Sunday!

If you are planning on buying an Ergobaby carrier, now is the time to do it and I would do it soon. Half of the styles are already sold out, maybe they will add more inventory...but maybe not. Pictured below are the styles that are still available, I will update this page as styles sell out, links to the products are below the pictures. Happy shopping mamma!!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Adorable and Sooo Funny! Petunia Pickle Bottom 45% off.

Footed pajamas for the whole family!

I just thought this was such a cute and funny idea. Just imagining My whole family bundled up in Footed PJ's makes me giggle.

Zulily currently has these for sale at 60% off for the next 3 days.

Check it out!

Also they have Petunia Pickle Bottom bags, carriers and other accessories 45% off. That is a great price for great quality!

Petunia Pickle Bottom

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Baby Bjorn Carrier is the Deal of the Day! Sale Over!

I love watching the daily deal sites, I have saved sooo much money catching great deals on them. My favorite of the day is from Gilt, but there is also a great sale going on at Zulily today.

Today at Gilt you can get a Baby Bjorn Active Baby Carrier for $30 off. There are two to choose from and this sale ends in 3 days so act fast as these will probably sell out. These carriers have a huge following, I am using an ErgoBaby Carrier myself but I have heard GREAT things about the Bjorn Carrier. 

Follow this link here to get to Gilt then search "active baby carrier" to find these carriers. Feel free to browse the rest of the site as well obviously.

Another great sale that I saw going on today is from Zulily. They are having a massive sale on gDiapers, another product with a huge following. This sale ends in 4 days and they have a lot too choose from including mostly diapers but some clothes as well, a wet bag, laundry bag, and cloth or disposable liners. They also have a newborn bundle on sale for anyone who would rather just buy a whole set up. Check this sale out while supplies last!

This purple one is my favorite!

I'm also super excited because I found a deal on Zulily today on a toy I was planning on getting my son for his birthday. This is the biggest reason why I watch these deal sites, to catch a sale on things I already want to buy. Anyways, here it is the Melissa & Doug See & Spell Puzzle Set.

Friday, July 26, 2013

$10 Swap.com Giftcard

I got an email from Swap.com today with a link to share a $10 gift card with my friends. So here it is! $10 Swap.com Gift Card

Just a heads up. When I went to their site today they gave me a code for free shipping as well so you could potentially get $10 worth of kids clothes for free today. Depending on what you get $10 could get you quite a bit of clothes as well!

Just in case you have missed my first two posts explaining Swap.com here they are as well!

Post # 1

Post #2

$10 Swap.com Gift Card