Thursday, July 14, 2011

A few paid survey sites.

Sorry about not posting for awhile a lot has been going on for me. I am a busy busy stay home mamma. Good news though I qualified for a couple focus groups lately totaling to $125, thats car insurance baby!

So anyways here's a new site that I like. It's called Hotspex. With this site you earn points for surveys. Once you have completed 5 surveys recieved by email you become a VIP member and can then redeem your points for gift cards. Before that time you can enter your points into prize drawing for products. This site offers surveys sent to your email that worth points but they also offer "fun surveys" on their website that are worth a small amount of points (and YES they are actually fun!). My favorite part about this site is that for every survey you complete they plant a tree! A total of 1,703,709 trees have been planted to date. So if you want to earn rewards and help save the environment at the same time sign up now!

Another new one I just signed up for is Digitas Pulse. They offer surveys and focus groups. Sign up here.

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