Saturday, April 27, 2013


If you are crafty you could try your hand at creating things to sell on Etsy. Here are some examples of things that are for sale on Etsy right now. There are links attached to the titles just in case you fall in love and feel the overwhelming desire to purchase one hehehe.

              Burned and Painted Wooden Trinket Box - Moon and Star

           Set of 2 Burned and Painted Wood Magnets - Suns

           Set of 4 Burned and Painted Wooden Cabinet Knobs - Coffee and Tea

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Better Than ChaCha add $300 a Month to Your Income While You Work On Other Projects.

So, for anyone who has experience working as a ChaCha guide, you probably realize how awful it is now. There is almost zero traffic for most roles and the one role there if traffic for only pays 1 cent a question. Not worth it in my opinion.

Unless. Unless you add to your repertoire another Q&A company that pays better, has better traffic, and is so much easier to start doing.

Introducing...... Weegy

The way I use this website is I leave it logged in while I am doing other work, when I get a question it will make a unique "DING" sound and I will switch over to the Weegy window and accept the question. Most of the questions I get a really easy to answer and a lot of them are multiple choice. Just by having this open while doing other work I have added an extra $300 a month to my income. So simple and you don't even have to sit there staring at it the whole time.

No tests are required and you don't have to download anything.

Signing up is so simple. Just click here Sign Up Here! 


After you have signed up you will Log in and click on the "Expert" tab near the top of the page.

 Now you wait, when you get a question you will hear a "DING", accept it quickly as you only have 15 seconds to accept before it is sent off to another Weegy Expert. You can see your earnings on the ride hand side of the page, don't be alarmed if it takes a few minutes before your earnings start to show up this is normal as your answers need to be checked by a moderator before you are credited.

Tada! You are now $3,600 (or more) a year richer! Go you!!