Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I love Ebates!!!

Money saving tip: Use Ebates

Have you heard of Ebates? It's a website that lets you earn cash back from your online purchases for FREE. If you shops online you need to sign up for this.

Ebates is so awesome they pay YOU to shop.
You go to their site, sign up, find your favorite retailer and shop. Ebates takes you to the site, say Old, that you were going to visit anyway. Except when you are done? You will have a percentage in cash back waiting in your Ebates account.
They cut you a big fat check quarterly and stick it in the mail.
I have gotten as high as TWENTY PERCENT in cash back from purchases I was going to make anyway. There are more than one THOUSAND retailers and online merchants. And coupon codes! We all LOVE coupon codes!
For example, currently JC Pennys is offering 8% cash back, pair that with sales and coupon codes and the savings are amazing!

How does it work?
First you need to sign up for an Ebates account. After that, once you are all set up the next time you make an online purchase go to Ebates FIRST, then type the name of the store you want to shop at (e.g. Target, forever 21, bath and body works). Then you will be able to click on the store and it will create a tracker to see if you made a purchase. Then go ahead and make your purchases. Shortly after you should get an email from Ebates saying how much cash back you received.

Why I love it:
Not only does this give you cash back for your purchases but when you search for a store, it shows you all the available promo codes so you save even more money.

Here is a screen shot of my account.

Sign up with Ebates


  1. I have seen a lot of people talk about this site. Does it work because they are tracking your information (since you go through their site)? Is that why it is worth their while to pay out to you? Or are stores paying them to promote deals, etc. so they get a share of the profits. I am just nervous about getting scammed!

    1. It works like a referral link would because that is what they are doing referring you to another site. You just have to enter the website through a link on their website, then checkout through that page. Ebates probably earns some % of the sale for referring you to the other site. The screen shot at the bottom is how much I had actually been paid by them when I made the post. I'll update with a new screen shot of how much I have made up till now as well. They pay out quarterly I believe as long as you have earned enough ($10 maybe?) I'll double check those two facts and get back to you.

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