Sunday, April 27, 2014


So, this is a new site that I just learned about. It reminds me of Yahoo Answers, rather than earning points though for answering questions you earn money.

People who need questions answered sign up and set a reward price, it looks like the lowest reward is $2. I'm not sure what the maximum reward is but I recently answered a question with a $16 reward, that's pretty good. It hasn't taken me longer than 5 minutes to give detailed responses to any of the questions I've answered so far.

After you answer the question the asker is sent an email notifying them that they have received an answer. In order to view their answers they must pay their reward amount. After they have reviewed their answers they pick a winner and they will receive the reward.

This site seems pretty new and I have seen reports of people actually getting paid. (minimum payout is $5) So I would jump on this one quick to get a jump start on this while there aren't too many people in the know yet. Your chances of winning a reward are pretty high at this point.

To sign up go here and you can either connect with facebook or sign up via email.

Sign up to answer questions and earn rewards with Rewarder.

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