Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Freelance Writing for Cash

If you like to write, here is another way to make some more cash working online. Freelance writing. There are so many websites that will pay you for writing articles, reviews and how to's. Too name a few there are....

My Lot

My lot is a website that pays you to post and respond to different discussions. These discussions can be about pretty much anything. The more responses you get to discussions you create the more you are paid for that discussion. There are also a few other ways to make a bit on this site but the discussions are the main money maker of this site. 

List My Five

List My Five is a FREE platform for people to create and publish Top Five lists online. 

We pay our WCP members advertising revenue share for the lists they create. The earnings our members receive are based on a variety of factors. Your published lists are not guaranteed to earn money. The earnings for your lists are unpredictable and are based on several components that may affect how much money (if any) you will earn for your lists. The components include, directly or indirectly, the following...
  1. Popularity of the Lists.
  2. Number and quality of inbound links to the lists.
  3. Topic of the lists content.
  4. Usefulness and applicability of the lists content.
  5. Quality of the lists writing.
  6. Amount of lists that you create.

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