Saturday, February 12, 2011

You Data

Just an update on YouData. I just learned that this site pays out automatically every week and there is no minimum pay out. I haven't been keeping up with it too much this week and made a measly $2.60 (haha) but I also received that measly $2.60 in my Paypal account this week. Which leads me to a point, EVERY DOLLAR ADDS UP! Anyways, if you decide to do this one you can make much more than that you just have to actually login and watch the ads (haha). But also, make sure you fill out all your Me Files so you get the most out of it that you can, the more Me Files you have filled out, the more ads you get.

Here's the link again so you don't have to go looking for it.

Oh and if you do sign up don't get scared away by how few ads there are to watch, this site is just in its beginnings and there is more to come. It is already paying though so that's a good thing!


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