Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More Money Making Opportunities!


Do you have an Itouch, Iphone, or Ipad? If so, then this is an opportunity for you. The website, Apprebates, pays you to review apps. The way it works is you visit this website on your device and select an app to download and it takes you directly to Itunes Store to get the app. You can mess around with the app for a few minutes then go and review it. It doesn't matter if your review is good or bad you get paid either way. They pay $0.50 per review and you get the apps for free. Not to bad for something that takes only a matter of minutes. At the moment they have around 30 apps available to review, so there's $15 you could make right now today!

check it out right here!

Cash Gopher

This is actually owned and operated by the website My Lot. It is a free and safe software that you download to your computer. All this software does is run ads in the background and you get paid for each ad. You don't have to do anything, your computer does all the work for you. All you have to do is have your computer on, thats it nothing more and you will start getting money in your Cash Gopher account. I have personally been making $0.25 a day having this software. That may not sound like much but thats .25 more than I had the day before and I didn't do anything for it. Besides 25 cents a day for a month is $7.50 a month or $90 a year! Who could say no to that.

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