Friday, July 5, 2013

Sell, Trade, or Buy New and Used Baby/Kids Clothes

I just wanted to share, I found this really awesome website where you can buy, sell and trade used (or new) baby and kids clothes. 

I am so excited about this because I had saved ALL our clothes from DS but we are having a girl this time around so I need girl clothes now. I am most excited about being able to trade clothes and it is seriously so easy. I shipped a huge 25lb box of clothes to them last week. They take the pictures and list it all for you, then you just go on and set the prices that you want to sell (or trade) your clothes for and add other people's items to your wishlist. The prices are great and I am SO excited to start trading my boys clothes for girls clothes.

I had a coupon to get the shipping label for cheap and I only ended up spending $6 or $7 to ship them 25lbs of clothes. They gave me a link today to share with friends so they can get 20% off or cash back (not sure). Either way the site is awesome and it is worth looking at even without a discount.

Here is the link in case anyone is interested!

I am pretty sure that they don't even take a fee and anything you sell goes directly to Paypal, you don't need to worry about shipping things out because they do it for you.

My shipment just arrived there yesterday, they said they are backed up because of the 4th of July. I am expecting batches of my clothes to start being uploaded on Monday. Once I have gone through the whole process and know what to expect I will give an update on how it all works.

So excited!   

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