Saturday, July 13, 2013

Update on (buy, sell, trade kids clothes) Plus a Discount Code for 70% off

I posted before about having found a website that you could buy, sell, and trade new or used kids clothes. I sent my box of items in and have since had them processed and uploaded by the site. I have started trading the clothes that my son has outgrown for clothes for my baby daughter that is due Oct/Nov. 

I am excited to say that I have not been disappointed, I paid $7 to send in my 25 lb box of clothes and the site took professional pictures and uploaded it all for me for free. I have already started to trade some clothes and I have been getting some awesome deals. Below is an example of a trade that I have made on this site. promo code
 Rather than having things individually shipped back to me I am storing it there until I can have it all shipped back at the same time. Storage is free for 60 days, there after there is a small fee but I will be done before then. You do need to pay for shipping back to you but otherwise trading is free, plus you can get discount codes for shipping and it is better to ship everything all at the same time.

I have received a code for 70% off the shipping for your first box of clothes to I believe it will cost you $3 when you use this code to ship your first box in. coupon code for shipping:  Samantha70 -70% off first shipment of items to promo code Valet Service currently accepts only baby, kids' and teen's items and books and DVDs for all ages including:
  • clothing, up to size 20 for boys, and up to JR size 7/M for girls.
  • toys
  • games
  • kids' sports equipment
  • DVD and Blue-Ray discs with G, PG, or PG-13 ratings
  • Books for both kids and grown-ups
  • Nintendo Wii, Sony PlayStation 3, Sony PlayStation 2, and Microsoft Xbox 360 console games with EC, E, E10, or T ratings
  • baby gear (with the exception of very large items, such as strollers)

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