Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Work as a guide for ChaCha!

    I have been working for ChaCha as an independent contractor since before my son was born (4 years) and have made a decent amount of extra cash this way. The way it works is people text questions into ChaCha and the ChaCha guides search the internet for the answer and reply back with an answer. There are a few different types of jobs available, from time to time they open hiring for different roles.

     I've actually learned a few interesting things through answering some of these questions so not only do you make money but you learn things and could even have fun in the process. You do not need a cell phone just a computer with internet. They pay per question answered and you work whenever you want. I do a lot of this in my free time, whenever I'm home with some spare time I just log on and start answering. They are currently hiring and I don't know how long this opportunity will be available, they open and close registration when they need more guides. 

To apply go to http://becomeaguide.chacha.com/ and enter my email as your referral surveysamsam@yahoo.com

More opportunities coming soon!

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