Thursday, July 11, 2013

Get Paid to Listen to Music

There a few different companies that want to pay you to give feedback on music. What a fun way to make some extra cash! Here is a short review on the ones I know about.

This company is open to people living in the US and Europe. They are focused on helping undiscovered artists. The fun thing about this is you can have the music playing in the back ground whenever you want while you do other things. After you have listened for 90 seconds you then are to rate and give a short written review. Pay increases as you gain experience. I am currently making $0.20 per song which equals out to $8 an hour, not bad considering I can easily increase this per hour pay buy multitasking. I also receive emails every once in awhile when they are giving bonuses for rating songs. Pay is through PayPal after you have made at least $10.

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Music Xray
This one is similar to SlicethePie in that they help undiscovered artists. It is a little bit more personal because you answer a few questions when you first sign up about your musical preferences so that you only end up listening to genres that you really enjoy. The only downside is I would imagine that you get less work from this site than SlicethePie as you receive emails when you have a song that matches your preferences. You make at least $0.10 per song, sometimes more, and you can cash out through PayPal after you have earned $20.

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This next one pays in rewards rather than actual cash. You earn points for listening and can then cash out for prizes. If you are in it for the money I would have to go with SlicethePie as being your best bet for that.

Radio Loyalty
You can earn points with this site by listening to music, watching videos, taking surveys, or completing other offers. There are over a thousand radio stations to choose from, you can search by genre, artist, or station. To earn points all you have to do is listen and rate thumbs up or down. Once you rack up the points you can cash out for gift cards, pre paid debit cards, or merchandise.

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