Saturday, July 6, 2013

Paid to Review Phone Calls

I have recently started working with a site called Humanatic. It's a pretty easy and sometimes quite interesting way to make some extra cash. You review and answer questions about pre recorded phone calls. You get paid per call and the amount depends on the category of calls you are reviewing.

As you review more calls more categories will open up for you to do, and pay will increase. There is a daily leader board with cash bonuses for finishing the day in the top ten. You also receive bonuses after you complete so many calls, a thorough search could find exactly when you will receive bonuses.

Pay is through Paypal. After you have earned $10 or more you may request payment. Payment will be sent on Monday (or Tuesday if it a Holiday).

I have included a video below that talks a bit more about this service.

To get started as a Humanatic Reviewer follow the instructions at this link Humanatic Sign up.

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