Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Earn Gift Cards for the Shopping Your Already Do

One of the ways that I save money every month is by getting Amazon Gift cards through a program called Plink. Every time I spend money at 711, Arby's, Red Robin, or Dunkin Donuts I earn points that I can then use to get gift cards. There are 21 different stores to choose from right now, they are adding more every once in awhile though and you can choose from 7 different rewards (different gift cards) to use your points on. You can choose up to 5 different stores to earn points for shopping at, just pick the ones you go to most often and then forget about it.

 This is one of those sign up and forget about it things. I don't specifically decide to spend money at these places I just picked the ones that I know I will spend money at. 711 is of my favorites, I have earned most of my points just by getting gas. Once I've earned enough points to cash out for a reward I get an email telling me so and I go and check it out. Since signing up less than a year ago I have earned $200 in gift cards, which I then use to buy things like toilet paper and toothpaste on Amazon.com.

For instance every time I spend at least $10 at 711 I earn 100 points, for every $25 I spend I get 250 points. I can get a $5 Amazon gift card for 500 points. Not bad considering I was going to get gas either way, not to mention Slurpees (Yum!).

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